Democrats In Senate Issue Insane Ultimatum

Senator Kyrsten Sinema is still holding strong in the face of the extreme pressure from Democrats to finally help kill the filibuster. A major Democrat from the state of Arizona issued a statement that said that she needed to get in line with President Joe Biden’s agenda or get out of the Senate.

This past Friday, Grant Wood, the former Arizona Attorney General who was a strong backer for Sinema during her gambit for U.S. Senate, stated to HuffPost that the senator must stop this filibuster entirely so that Uncle Joe can continue to push his own inane agenda with the government.

“I do think that Sen. Sinema and every senator should support ending the filibuster for the voting rights bill,” Wood stated. “To keep the Jim Crow filibuster while losing some of these basic voting rights that are central to our democracy is preposterous.”

Sen. Sinema was not the sole recipient of Woods’ ire. Woods also issued a statement laden with just as much criticism towards Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) who has also taken a stance with Sinema that he would not kill the filibuster.

“Sen. Sinema should know that, so should Sen. Manchin,” stated Woods. “At the end of the day, I’m very hopeful that they’ll come around and do the right thing. But if they don’t, then I don’t think they belong in the Senate anymore.”

This past Thursday, Grant Woods tweeted out a statement that claimed that refusing to break the “Jim Crow filibuster” should be a senator’s last vote.

“At the end of the day, if you don’t vote to protect voting rights and save our democracy by breaking the Jim Crow filibuster, it should be your last vote as a United States Senator. No exceptions,” he posted on Twitter.

“As folks in Arizona know, I’ve long been a supporter of the filibuster because it is a tool that protects the democracy of our nation, rather than allowing our country to ricochet wildly every two to four years back and forth between policies” Sinema stated to reported Wednesday evening.

“When you have a system that’s not working effectively, and I would think that most would agree that the Senate’s not a particularly well-oiled machine, right? The way to fix that is to change your behavior, not to eliminate the rules or change the rules, but to change your behavior,” added Sinema. “So I’m going to continue to go to work every day, aggressively seeking bipartisanship in a cheerful and happy warrior way, as I always do, and showing that when we work together, we can get things done.”

While the public eye has been focused heavily on Sinema and Manchin, The New York Times reported that a small group of still silent Democrats have expressed their skepticism about the killing of the filibuster.

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