Democrats Booed When President Trump Spoke About the Caravans

If you watched the SOTU message last night, there was one thing that happened that should be in every Republican political ad in 2020.

When President Trump began talking about the massive Caravans coming up from Central America. At that moment the Democrats booed loudly to show their favoritism for illegal aliens. When Trump mentioned our veterans, the Democrats sat on their hands and at their 2012 national convention, they booed God two times.

They should combine all of these together with the heading “Values Matter.” Come 2020, no one will remember any of this, so they need to be reminded.

From The Daily Caller

Political commentator Michelle Malkin said the Democratic stance on illegal immigration will carry over into the 2020 elections and have a negative impact on the party’s electoral results.

“When you have the Democrats booing because President Trump was exposing and continuing to hammer the fact that these caravans are endangering the country and posing enormous costs to people at the border, let alone in the interior, this is a message I think is going to resonate all the way through 2020, and it’s going to pose a huge optics problem for the Democrat party,” Malkin said.

“They can laugh and snicker and sneer and smirk and sit in their seats and have their little temper tantrums. But the vast majority of Americans want something done about immigration. And sitting there and smirking is not the answer.”

“I think it underscores an important point that President Trump himself has made in the face of this debate and the intransigence of the open borders Democrats — and that it’s not just about a wall. As long as you have these magnets drawing people here and everybody’s aware of it around the world, it’s not going to stop,” she said earlier in the interview.

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