Democratic State House Candidate Says That the Real Victims of 9/11 are Muslims [VIDEO]

Hodan Hassan is a Democratic Candidate for Minnesota House of Representatives in District 62A. She is a Muslim woman and she claims that Muslims are the true victims of 9/11. And Al Capone says that his mob is the real victims of the St Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Democrats are the victims of Obama’s election. Wait, I guess that one is true. Hassan says that Trump is a racist and that she is against the travel ban. Hassan is from Somalia, a country where many of its immigrants are radicals, although that is not to say all are. But that is the reason we need to know who is entering our country.

From Deplorable Kel


Hodan Hassan won the Democratic Primary Election for Minnesota House of Representatives in District 62A. Hassan defeated Osman Ahmed, Omar Fateh, Margarita Ortega, and Jen Kader.

Hassan is a Muslim woman who was born in Somalia. She is against the travel ban and calls President Trump a racist.

Hassan calls guns a public health issue.

Hassan is one of many muslims running in the U.S. Elections.

Hassan will face (R) Bruce Lundeen in the General Election, on Nov. 6th 2018.

Will she be elected? Maybe so. She has the right to run and as always, the voters have the right to cast their ballot for her. In Minnesota, which is a deep blue state, she has an excellent chance of representing that district in the state house. Already several candidates for the US House have revealed their deep hatred for Israel.

One of, if not THE most tragic thing to happen on American soil… and somehow they are the victims? Give me a freaking break! And here we are on the eve of that tragic event.

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