Democratic Petitions and Impeachment of Brett Kavanaugh

Democrats have started a dozen petitions calling for the removal of Brett Kavanaugh from the Supreme Court. Furthermore, Jerry Nadler and other Democrats vowed to impeach him if they gain control of the House. This all sounds like pretty scary stuff. Let us examine what would happen in each scenario. Let’s say one of the petitions gets a whopping 10 million signatures.

What would you have? A lot of sheets of paper with names on it. But, that’s all. Petitions have no force in law and people just ignore them anyway. No matter how many petitions or how many signatures they get, it accomplices nothing.

So, how about the impeachment threat? Could Kavanaugh be impeached if Democrats control the House? Yes. But, the thing is that people equate impeachment with removal from office. It’s not. If an impeachment charge is brought against Kavanaugh, it only takes one vote over half to “impeach” Kavanaugh and send it to the Senate for a trial.

That trial would be overseen by Justice John Roberts as the chief justice. The Senate would then have to vote after the trial is complete. To remove someone from office, you need 67 votes. That means that currently, 18 GOP Senators would need to jump ship to make that happen. Republicans will assuredly pick up Senate seats and that would increase the number of defectors, who would be needed to remove Kavanaugh from the bench.

However, they could use it to tar him. The best remedy for that is to go out and vote and do not let the Democrats have control over the House. If you need more incentive, consider this. If the Democrats take control, Maxine Waters becomes the chairperson of the House Financial Services committee, with full subpoena power.

She would subpoena all of the president’s bank records and could possibly subpoena his tax returns. You wouldn’t give a baby matches, so, don’t give Mad Maxine subpoena power.