Democrat Congressman Massively Mocked For Wearing Bandana Like Character From ‘The Office’

Andy Levin, a Democratic congressman of Michigan, found himself as the target of a bevy of “The Office” related jokes and memes after he was arrested in the protests being held just outside of the Supreme Court this past Tuesday.

A video that was posted by Douglas Blair from The Daily Signal on Tuesday shows Levin speaking to the press while in a detainment area on the grounds of the United States Supreme Court, all while wearing a green bandana on his head. Levin was just one person of the group of 17 members of Congress who were officially arrested by officers of the Capitol Police during an event of planned “civil disobedience” which was happening as a way to protest the overturning of Roe v. Wade. 

Levin stated to the gathered press that the Senate needs to get rid of the filibuster and push through legislation seeking to protect and codify abortion.

Groups of conservatives all over Twitter made fun of Levin for his odd fashion choices, with a large swathe of people highlighting the fact that Levin’s new look was a direct match to the Iconic “Prison Mike” look used by Steve Carell in an episode of the wildly popular TV show “The Office.” In the episode, Carell’s character tries to “scare straight” the employees of his paper company by creating a character dubbed Prison Mike, who sports a purple bandana and speaks about the common stereotypes about prison life.

“[I]s that prison mike?!” exclaimed Vince Coglianese, a radio host and editor for the Daily Caller, via social media.

“SPOTTED: Prison Mike complaining about dementors and reduced access to killing unborn babies outside the Supreme Court,” expressed Madeline Huffman, the communication director for Georgia Rep. Andrew Clyde.

“He literally did Prison Mike,” stated Greg Price, a conservative digital strategist, seemingly in response to the video from Blair while attaching a picture of Prison Mike.

Even the users that were sympathetic to Levin stated that the odd look only sought to undercut any points he tried to make. “I love Andy Levin with so much of my heart but my man is looking like Prison Mike here 😂😂,” stated on Left-wing Twitter user.

“Andy is undercutting his 100% correct message by looking absolutely ridiculous in that bandana,” tacked on another user from the same camp.

All the while, Levin utilized his arrest to grab the attention of his followers on social media. He posted a video on his own account that highlighted him and fellow Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) being taken into custody by members of the Capitol Police. In the posted video, Tlaib and Levin are being led off by an officer while Tlaib incited the crowd to chant “My body! My choice!”

“I’m willing to do whatever it takes to protect abortion rights—even if it means getting arrested,” wrote Levin. “I joined my Democratic Women’s Caucus colleagues in a civil disobedience action outside the Supreme Court. We won’t go back!” In the post, Levin tagged one protest group named CPD ACtion along with Tlaib.

After the posts went out on Levin’s personal account, he went on to post about the subject again from his official Congressional account. “I’m always down to stir up #GoodTrouble and fight for our rights,” he stated. “We cannot give in to this extremist, right-wing Court. I’m angry and ready for ACTION! ✊🏻”

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