Death Hoax Around Joe Rogan Storms Twitter…. Again

A hoax has managed to catch on and spread like crazy across Twitter this week, that hoax being that  Joe Rogan was dead and it has left quite a few fans worried about its veracity.

The host of “The Joe Rogan Experience” podcast, aged 54, was trending early Wednesday as multiple accounts started to share the baseless rumor that he had died, read a report from Newsweek.

“We are saddened to announce the passing of Joe Rogan,” read a tweet coming from the fake account @joerogannhq. “He died peacefully in his home this afternoon, we will provide more details as they arrive, with respect to his family’s wishes.”

The group creating the hoax even went quite a few steps further by including messages from UFC president Dana White wishing condolences. The fake post of sentiment went on to add even more fuel to the fire. “The entire UFC family is devastated to hear of Joe Rogan’s passing. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family she loved ones, and we will make sure to continue his legacy. – Dana White,” read the tweet that has since been deleted as of writing.

This is most certainly not the first time a hoax surrounding Rogan’s death has sparked a wildfire of controversy across social media. These hoaxes tend to trend using the hashtag #RIPjoeRogan. Back in 2014 when one of these hoaxes was especially prevalent, Rogan issued a response to it by tweeting out a link to the article with the caption, “I’m alive as f***, SON.”

Rogan is, in fact, alive and well, but still creating other controversies with his tendency to speak his mind. Most recently, the famous podcaster found himself in the crosshairs for making statements against Lia Thomas, a trans collegiate swimmer who is a biological man that was allowed to compete at a high level against women.

“What it is now is an assault on women’s sports, stated Rogan while on his show. “And the idea that anybody would think it’s fair that someone who [was] number 462 as a man … in the nation is number one as a woman a year later, and that’s fair? … That might be the woke straw that breaks the society’s camel back.”

“Because people are — women are so frustrated, or parents if your daughter’s competing, and they’re competing against a trans woman, it’s not fair,” he stated. “It’s just not fair. No matter what anybody says. There’s this nonsense idea of like, ‘Well, there’s outliers.'”

“There’s outliers and then there’s biological males. That’s beyond outliers,” continued Rogan.

He claimed that it was entirely “f***ed up” that women swimmers were being made to compete against Thomas.


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