Critics Alarmed About Biden After Press Conference

Marc Nozell / Flickr / CC2.0

This past Monday President Joe Biden appeared to forget the name of Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and the Pentagon during a press conference. This gaff has caused a wave of alarm among critics with some even bring up the 25th amendment into the conversation.

This incident happened at the end of a press conference on International Women’s Day in which Vice President Kamala Harris and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also took the stage.

“I want to thank you both and I want to thank the sec-, the, the, ugh, the former general, I keep calling him general but my, my, ugh, the guy who runs that outfit over there,’ Biden said. “I want to make sure we thank the secretary for all he’s done to try to implement what we’ve just talked about and for recommending these two women for promotion. Thank you all and God bless you all and may God protect our troops.”

The worrying part about the whole situation was that just a few minutes earlier Biden had remembered Austin’s name, referring to him as “Secretary Austin.”

Tom Elliott, the founder of Grabien, managed to get a clip of the incident and tweeted:

“Whoops: Biden forgets the name of the Pentagon, as well as the name of his secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin.”

The chief political correspondent at the Washington Examiner, Byron York, also noted: “It appears he was referring to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, who does indeed run that outfit over there, meaning the Department of Defense.”

People were quick to draw attention to the lapse in thinking of Biden with many talking about the 25th Amendment –Which allows a president to be removed from office if they are deemed to be unfit– while another camp suggested that this incident was just another example of why Biden has still not been given a solo press conference after being in office for over a month and a half, which in modern history is by far the longest that has gone.

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