Crazy Democrats Start To Turn On Each Other In Buffalo

An organization of more progressive Democrats has begun talking about a petition that would ultimately remove Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown from his role on the Democratic National Committee after he made use of a write-in campaign that successfully defeated India Walton, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist.

As stated in a report from Politico, a progressive advocacy group aligned with Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Our Revolution, has started to create a plan to set up a campaign to attempt to throw out Brown in the wake of the incumbent winning the election instead of Walton.

With the support of and working with Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), along with the formal endorsement of both Democratic New York Senators Chuck Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand, Walton took a win at the small count June primary by roughly 5 points. However, Brown set up and implemented a write-in campaign that was far more appealing to the larger section of moderate Democrats, as well as republicans in the area who did not have a party-aligned candidate to vote for and took the win to mark his fifth consecutive term as the city’s Mayor. “I think it clearly is a rebuke of defund police. It is a rebuke of socialism,” stated Brown in an interview with CNN, reported Politico.

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“When you pull a stunt like this, somebody wins a primary, a working-class woman, and you go to every rich donor in both parties to fund a write-in campaign … it’s a disgrace,” stated Larry Cohen, the chairman of Our Revolution. Cohen is a prominent member of the DNC and issued a statement to Politico that he is starting up the campaign, to which Walton vigorously agreed. “Not only do I support the DNC revoking Byron Brown’s post; I believe it would set a dangerous precedent not to,” she stated in comments to Politico.

“You’ve got the establishment Democratic Party trying to block the path forward for progressives, and it’s incredibly challenging and frustrating for the grassroots,” stated the executive director of Our Revolution, Joseph Geevarghese.

Another left-wing group, the Working Families Party, put forth a statement as well that showed their support of the camping from Our Revolution. “I will try to organize something, and so will a lot of other people,” stated Cohen. However, most of the progressives were quite pessimistic when it came to the odds of actually going through with their goal. “You’re not likely going to see [Chairman] Jaime Harrison at the DNC or anybody at the White House … do one thing,” stated Cohen.

“Mayor Byron Brown’s Democratic Party bona fides are well known and beyond reproach,” read a statement from Brown’s campaign. “Any questions of them by Bernie Sanders or India Walton are without merit, and are simply sour grapes following a decisive write-in defeat in the Buffalo mayoral election last week.”

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