“Cowboys for Trump” Ride Off Into a Washington Sunset

Cowboys for Trump left Cumberland, Maryland eight days ago and made their way to the nation’s capital to show support for President Trump and his emergency declaration. They trekked through some really nasty global warming to reach Washington and when they did, they demonstrated that the president has strong grassroots support for his wall.

The president ran mostly on the wall and other immigration issues. The fact that they left Cumberland on the same day as the emergency declaration was no accident. While planning the event, the decision was made to leave on whatever day the declaration was made.

From The Conservative Tribune

Carrying American flags and blue Trump banners, the riders covered about 25 miles per day along the C&O Canal towpath for much of their journey, braving cold temperatures to travel through a part of the country once surveyed by George Washington himself.

The aptly named “Cowboys for Trump” was organized by Couy Griffin, a resident of New Mexico who says he’s seen the problems with the unsecured southern border firsthand.

“We’re directly affected in New Mexico by the border situation,” Griffin said. “We support the president through the actions that he’s taken as far as securing our border.”

Many establishment media outlets and of course politicians on the left have insisted that Trump is low on support for his emergency declaration, which takes pre-appropriated funds and redirects them to boost security along U.S.-Mexico problem areas.

But the dedication of supporters like Griffin suggests that the president may have grassroots backing for his plan.

“I am just out here to support the Cowboys for Trump. I believe in the cause. I believe in our president,” said Kina Davis, a Maryland farm owner who donated the use of the horses ridden by the cowboys.

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