Controversial Billboard In Texas Forced To Be Taken Down Due To Backlash

A group of supposed Christians commissioned a billboard out in Texas that called for local citizens to straight-up ignore Roe v. Wade. In only one day, however, the display was pulled down due to the fact that nearby landowners had started recruiting death threats.

The billboard, which had been financed by the group Abolish Abortion Texas and was located in a very rural area just outside the city of Boyd, held only the statements “62 million dead and counting” and “” The given website had explained that because of the fact that “the Supreme Court of the United States has ignored the God-given rights of unborn children since Roe vs. Wade was passed in 1973,” Texas had the completely moral duty to just ignore the Court’s opinions.

A press release coming from Abolish Abortion Texas explained that “complaints to the landowner (who has a business on the site), along with death threats, forced the advertising company to remove the billboard.”

“It is a sign of how intolerant Texas has become,” stated Jon Speed, the First Baptist Church of Briar evangelism pastor, on the release. “There are no graphic images on the billboard, not even a strong statement. It’s just a website that seeks to abolish abortion in Texas. The fact that this happened in rural Texas is not only surprising in a self-professed pro-life state, it indicates how weak that commitment is.”

As part of a brief video that described the whole ordeal, Speed, who had been the center of national news just two years ago for shuttering his bookstore in New York as a form of protest of the state’s aggressive abortion laws, went on to explain that Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) recently had signed a “trigger bill” that would stop abortion in Texas if and only if the Supreme Court reverses Roe v. Wade. Speed, however, had expressed his doubts that politicians, along with the citizenry, would follow through on the promise.

“Legislation or anything else that attempts to comply with Roe v. Wade (or its progeny) is wrong. Tyranny and evil must be resisted, not legitimized,” stated the site. “Abolitionists believe that continuing to legitimize and bow down to judicial tyranny is the wrong way to try to end abortion. The federal courts are not the solution to the problem; the federal courts are the problem.”

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