Conservative Activist Organizes Pro-Trump Trash Clean Up Day in Baltimore

Scott Presler is a conservative activist who is trying to organize a cleanup Baltimore day. That’s a great idea.

Not only can they get a ton of garbage off the streets but it would also show the American people that Baltimore could do a better job if they would only try. The federal government pumped 15.7 billion dollars into Elijah Cummings district in 2018 and now you have to wonder where the money went. Whose pocket did it find to make its home?

Did any of that money make its way to either of the organizations run by Cummings’ wife, who is currently under federal investigation for transferring money from her nonprofit to her for-profit group?

From The Gateway Pundit

On Saturday President Trump lectured career Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings over the dreadful conditions in Baltimore.

President Trump tweeted the comments after Republican Kimberly Klacik went on FOX and Friends to talk about her video of rat-infested neighborhoods in Baltimore.

Democrats immediately denied the allegations and labeled President Trump a ‘racist’ for pointing out the obvious — that Democrat controlled Baltimore is a rat-infested dump.

While Democrats continue to spout off at President Trump — Conservative activist and Twitter personality Scott Presler has decided to take action.

Scott Presler is calling for a Trash Clean-Up Day in Baltimore!

Scott wrote The Gateway Pundit hoping we would share the news, “After the comments on Baltimore, I’ve decided to organize a trash clean up in Baltimore city next week. Instead of just tweeting, or complaining about how bad things are, we are going to take action. The tweet that I posted about going to Baltimore has gone viral and dozens of volunteers have messaged me wanting to help clean up trash. I just wanted to make you aware that this is happening.”


Scott told The Gateway Pundit, “We are going to wear Trump hats, shirts, and pick up trash as a community.”

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