Company’s Hypocrisy Hits The Billboards After Their Bizarre Stance

Indianapolis - Circa March 2019: The North Face retail mall location. The North Face is owned by VF Corporation II

A company out of the gas and oil industry has purchased and set up a set of billboard ad campaigns in order to troll North Face over what the company’s CEO states is “crazy hypocrisy” about fossil fuels from the clothing company.

The company mentioned earlier, Liberty Oilfield Services, an oilfield services firm, has taken to placing billboards trolling the company all around North Face’s Denver offices. The boards point out that many of North Face’s products heavily depend on the oil and gas industry in order to facilitate their production, reported Fox Business.

“That North Face puffer looks great on you. And it was made from fossil fuels. —Your friends in Oil & Gas,” stated just one of the billboards trolling North Face.

Additionally, Liberty Oilfield has sought to launch a website and social media presence entitled “Thank you, North Face” in order to sound the call for support to the new initiative.

“North Face is truly an extraordinary customer of the oil and gas industry,” stated CEO Chris Wright in a video post on the trolling campaign’s website.

“I failed to find a single product that wasn’t made out of oil and gas,” Wright went on to say. “The great majority of North Face’s products, jackets, backpacks, outdoor pants, shirts, shoes, hats, etc., are predominantly made out of the oil and gas that we so proudly produce.”

“So thank you, North Face, and you’re welcome,” stated Wright.

The reason for the beginning of this campaign was the refusal by North Face this past year to deliver a shipment of jackets to a large Texas oil and gas company. Back in December, Innovex Downhole Solutions stated that it had been denied the jackets it ordered from North Face for the sole reason that it was part of the oil and gas industry. The company, based out of Houston, had had the idea to give its employees the North Face jackets emblazoned with the Innovex logo for Christmas.

“I was surprised but not surprised, if that makes sense,” stated Adam Anderson, the CEO of Innovex, at the time.

“They told us we did not meet their brand standards,” continued Anderson. “We were separately informed that what that really meant is was that we were an oil and gas company.”

Anderson himself called out North Face about the apparent hypocrisy as well, pointing out that fossil fuels are a requirement in the production of a the vast majority of the companies apparel.

“The recreational activities they encourage are all ones that require hydrocarbons to make the products, to provide the means to get to whatever activity folks want to perform,” Anderson stated. “It’s just so intertwined with everything that we do.”

“I think there’s a view out there in the world that’s increasing that says, ‘Oil and gas are bad,’” he concluded. “And I just fundamentally disagree with that view in every dimension.”

Innovex ended up finding a different company to order their jackets from but still continue to troll North Face.

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