Colorado Democrat Accused of Inappropriate Behavior with Underage Male Aide

Former state Rep. Rochelle Galindo, 29, a Democrat from Greeley, was elected just last November but already resigned over a sex scandal and the fact that she was under recall.

She has been accused of plying underage aide who has refused to be identified. Galindo supplied alcohol to the 19-year-old and it would often end up with the two in bed having sex. Galindo is said to have supplied other aides who were underage with alcohol. They would often consume wine as they made phone calls asking for campaign contributions.

There have been no accusations of her having sex with any of the other interns.

From Fox News

In a statement accompanying her resignation, Galindo blamed “smear tactics” by political opponents, Denver’s FOX 31 reported.

“The allegations against me are false,” Galindo wrote, according to the station. “That said, they will make my fight against the pending recall effort untenable. I will not put my constituents through what will surely be a recall campaign based on political smear tactics and false allegations. Instead, I will resign my seat as the elected representative of House District 50, effective immediately.”

The probe was launched after a 19-year-old worker from Galindo’s campaign alleged that she and the then-candidate had an inappropriate sexual relationship, according to the Post.

But the younger woman ultimately declined to pursue legal action and authorities found no evidence to bring charges, the report said.

The unnamed college intern feared possible retaliation for alerting authorities, a 21-page police report says, according to the Greeley Tribune.