Collusion Delusion: Eric Swalwell Still Believes Trump Colluded With Russia [VIDEO]

Eric Swalwell is one sick puppy. For two years he roamed around looking for a microphone so he could tell the world that he saw a mountain of evidence of collusion between President Trump and Russia.

Even now, he claims that President Trump is a Russian asset, yet he has not one single time offered any proof that Trump has done the bidding of Russia. President Trump signed a bill, increasing sanctions on Russia, expelled 60 Russian diplomats, closed Russian facilities and even okayed the killing of between 100 and 200 Russian mercenaries in Syria.

With friends like that, Putin doesn’t need any enemies.

From The Conservative Tribune

Melber pointed out that Mueller had not found evidence of a Trump/Russia conspiracy and noted that Swalwell was perhaps best-known for asserting such. Following a series of clips in which the congressman seemed to definitively claim to know of connections between Trump and Russia, Melber asked, “Do you accept the findings in the Mueller report that do not support some of those claims?”

“Well, I accept that I probably should have been out there a little bit earlier, because who knew how many links there were? Two-hundred pages of links,” Swalwell replied.

“I accept also, Ari, that prior congresses did not have an imagination to see a president or a campaign have so many [sic] concerning conduct, and not write laws to prohibit it,” he continued. “But it didn’t meet the standard of beyond a reasonable doubt, but here’s what we know: The Russians helped Donald Trump.”

Melber interrupted Swalwell and asked, “Sure, but to be clear, so you’re no longer maintaining he effectively is, quote, a Russian asset?”

“No, I think he acts on Russia’s behalf, and I challenge him to show me otherwise,” Swalwell replied.

Ron White was right. You can’t fix stupid.