CNN’s April Ryan Blames Sarah Sanders for Death Threats

April Ryan is telling people that Sarah Sanders should be paying for her bodyguards. For some strange reason, she thinks that Sanders, the White Houce spokesperson is responsible for people not liking her. Especially when you consider that Sarah Sanders is forced to have Secret Service agents guard her because of death threats she gets. And when Sanders was accosted at a Virginia restaurant, I don’t recall Ryan thinking that was wrong. If Sanders did not exist, people would still hate Ryan. And Acosta, too.

“I’ve had some people wait for me outside the White House… There is a concern now. I mean, I’ve had death threats, I’ve had craziness, so I have a real concern. An honest, real concern… Do I have a bodyguard? Yes, I do. Am I paying for it? Yes, I am. And, I think [Sanders] should have to pay for it, especially if she’s stirring it up with her boss.”

From Breitbart News

The 50-year-old reporter also said that Sanders should be “ashamed of herself” for her performance as press secretary.

“She should be ashamed of herself for going out there, saying some of the things that she’s said,” Ryan said. “She tries to insult my intelligence. And not just my intelligence, the world’s intelligence….”

This interview comes as Ryan has a new book coming out titled Under Fire: Reporting from the Front Lines of the Trump White House.

In May, the two women clashed in the White House briefing room when Sanders told Ryan, “With all due respect, you actually don’t know much about me in terms of what I feel and what I don’t.”

Ryan later said on that Sanders’ remarks, which she misquoted, could start “a physical fight.”

Personally, I think Ryan is tring to stir the pot to get people to read her book. But not me. I left the farm because I didn’t like all manure and I’m not going back now.

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