CNN Tries to Push Narrative That Trump is Racist to a Panel of Women…Gets a Huge Shock

Randi Kaye hosted eight women on CNN in an effort to prove not only that Trump is a racist but that all people hate him.

As Robert Burns once said…The best-laid schemes o’ mice an ‘men Gang aft agley. Of course, that is Gaelic and you might be more familiar with the line as The laid plans of mice and men often goes astray.

But no matter whether you prefer the original in Gaelic or the more conventional new English, that is exactly what happened to Kaye.

She started out by asking for a show of hands of the women who don’t think President Trump is a racist. All eight women raised their hands. Kaye was taken back by their response and this is what the women said to her:

“I’m a brown-skinned woman. I am a legal immigrant. I agree with [Trump].”

“He was saying that if they hate America so much because what we’re seeing out of them and hearing out of them — they hate America. If it’s so bad, there’s a lot of places they can go.”

“Actually, I think it’s a demonstration of how their ideology spills over even though they’re American now, so to speak.”

“They’re not acting American.”

“We know the president is not racist. He loves people from Hispanics to black people — all across the board.”

“I’m glad the president said what he said because all they’re doing is — they’re inciting hatred and division and that’s not what our country is about. It’s not about that at all—'”

From The Blaze

“But isn’t that what the president does with some of his own comments?” Kaye interjected. “His own racist comments?”

“But he didn’t say anything about color,” the woman shot back.

Still, Kaye continued to push the media narrative that Trump is racist by directly reciting the definition of racism from Webster’s Dictionary.

“He dated a black woman for two years. Two of his wives are immigrants. He is not a xenophobic racist,” one woman told Kaye in response.