CNN Refuses to Run Trump Campaign Ad – It’s Too Effective [VIDEO]

Is the media allowed to affect the outcome of elections? They shouldn’t be. We need a new law that would force media outlets to register as agents for the Democratic party, so voters know exactly who they can’t trust.

If they don’t register and continue to show obvious favoritism to one party, then they can lose their broadcast license. The most recent example of liberal bias is the refusal by CNN to air the newest political ad from President Trump that uses the images of the caravan heading to our border. No doubt, they turned down Trump’s ad and money because the ad is very effective.

From The Gateway Pundit

The campaign is running nationally for a $1.55 Million ad buy.

But Trump Campaign manager Brad Parscale says CNN refuses to run the president’s ad.

And they wonder why conservatives think they’re fake news?

CNN attacked President Trump for posting a similar ad this week highlighting the dangers of criminal migrants.
CNN viewers called the ad “racist” despite its honest content.

Six in nine swing voters say keep the caravans out of the US.
No wonder CNN is blocking the ad!

CNN would be the first media company to be called out on my new proposed law, but you can bet your last dollar that there would be just the beginning. That’s because no news outlet would be willing to show it’s biased and would take their chances in court.