Christine Blasey Ford Resurfaces, on “The View” As Witness Mark Judge Finally Speaks Out On The Incident

In a recent development that has reignited discussions around one of the most contentious Supreme Court nominations in recent history, Christine Blasey Ford made an appearance on the far-left talk show “The View.” This occurrence has brought back to the forefront the allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, a Trump appointee, which many saw as a political hit job aimed at derailing his confirmation. The narrative, as it unfolds, continues to be a testament to the lengths to which political agendas can shape the course of judicial appointments, casting long shadows over the integrity of the process.

At the heart of this renewed discourse is an interview conducted by Martha MacCallum with Mark Judge, a figure central to the allegations made by Ford against Kavanaugh. Judge’s account, as presented in the Fox Nation special “Judge and Justice: Kavanaugh Classmate Speaks Out,” offers a compelling counter-narrative to the claims that once threatened to upend Kavanaugh’s nomination to the highest court in the land.

The Allegations Revisited

The allegations made by Christine Blasey Ford against Brett Kavanaugh date back to a high school party in Montgomery County, Md., four decades ago. Ford, a psychology professor, claimed Kavanaugh assaulted her, an allegation Kavanaugh vehemently denied. Central to Ford’s account was Mark Judge, whom she alleged was present during the incident. However, Judge’s consistent denial and lack of recollection of the party in question have been pivotal in challenging the veracity of Ford’s claims.

A Political Spectacle

The timing and manner in which the allegations surfaced raised eyebrows and questions about the motivations behind them. Kavanaugh’s nomination by then-President Trump had already been a point of contention, with many on the left vehemently opposing his confirmation. The emergence of Ford’s allegations seemed to many as a last-ditch effort to block Kavanaugh’s path to the Supreme Court, leveraging uncorroborated claims to achieve a political end. This perspective was further reinforced by the media’s handling of the situation, with certain outlets quick to cast Kavanaugh in a guilty light, often sidelining the principle of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’

The Interview That Sheds Light

Martha MacCallum’s interview with Mark Judge on Fox Nation serves as a crucial piece in understanding the dynamics at play during the Kavanaugh confirmation saga. Judge recounted receiving a threatening phone call, pressuring him to change his story — a revelation that hints at the extent of manipulation and coercion that may have been involved in pushing the narrative against Kavanaugh. This account, coupled with Judge’s steadfast denial of the allegations and his lack of memory of the event Ford described, adds weight to the argument that the accusations were part of a broader strategy to undermine Kavanaugh’s nomination.

Media’s Role and Public Perception

The media’s role in shaping the narrative around the Kavanaugh confirmation cannot be understated. Coverage was often polarized, reflecting the deep divisions within the country and the political landscape. Shows like “The View” have continued to platform Ford, allowing her to promote her new memoir and revisit her allegations, thus keeping the story alive in the public consciousness. This selective revisitation of the Kavanaugh saga serves to remind us of the media’s power in influencing public perception and the ongoing battle over the narrative.

Final Thoughts

As we look back on the Kavanaugh confirmation through the lens of recent developments, it becomes increasingly clear that the saga was less about seeking justice and more about political maneuvering. The interview with Mark Judge, brought to light by Martha MacCallum, underscores the fragility of truth in the face of political agendas. It serves as a stark reminder of the lengths to which certain factions will go to derail a nomination, sacrificing due process and the presumption of innocence on the altar of political expediency.




  1. don Reply

    Ford should be arrested for numerous crimes and put on trial. She was a willing shill for the Democrats, supported by the Democrat-controlled media and committed perjury. She deserves no less than prison.

  2. Steven Reply

    The alleged party was claimed to be a college party, not high school. In addition to not recalling what YEAR it supposedly occurred, Ford has yet to find anyone willing to claim she was ever in the same building as Kavanaugh.

    1. James Mercogliano Reply

      She lied and committed perjury and she did it on television while the whole nation was watching she should have been sent to prison but the DOJ who was under the directorship of Bill Barr never had the balls to indict Her. The only two mistakes that President Donald J Trump made while he was the President was putting people like Jeff Sessions and Bill Barr at the helm of the DOJ and hopefully if he is elected President in 2024 he will not make that mistake Again. I for one would like to see Joe De Genova as his Attorney General.

  3. Jim Reply

    Didn’t she get coached by the FBI on what to say, how to phrase it and acting tips for her demeanor during the Senate confirmation hearings? Another ‘Deep State’ hit job the RINOS just let roll over them without a fight. Why do they always let the Commies get away with that stuff?

  4. Rick Love Reply

    Ford was badly coached by Diane Feinstein as to the fictional story they were going to push. Ford couldn’t remember basic details and facts. The location, the address, who else was there, and similar details. If her story was true, interesting that she kept silent for decades and remembered just in time to try to stop Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court. The whole thing was a farce, badly played out by the dems but good practice for the larger scams they would later act out against Trump.

  5. Sharon Reply

    So just WHAT is Ford trying to prove by going public again? We saw enough of her and her lies during the Kavanaugh saga! Not ONE PERSON could testify that the party even existed! Yet she bugged Judge to say he was there as a witness. Leave him alone! She made it all up — with the help of the Democrats/Liberals! NO ONE wants to hear or see her again! kavanaugh is now on the Supreme Court for LIFE! It’s OVER, FORD!!

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