Children Speak Out About Deplorable Conditions At Holding Facilities

This past Monday, a group of the currently detained migrant children, who are being housed in temporary Health and Human Services shelters across the United States,  have filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration. They are making the claim that they have been given horrid conditions such as being served undercooked food, being forced to sleep with 24/7 bright lighting, and living in all-around “deplorable” conditions for over two months time.

“Migrant children housed in U.S. pop-up shelters reported overcrowding and long stay times, spoiled or undercooked food, and lack of access to showers or clean clothes, according to testimonials filed in court Monday,” stated the Daily Mail. “Seventeen minor migrants shared accounts with lawyers of their time in emergency shelters after crossing into the U.S. unaccompanied by adults. Some reported depression while others described trouble sleeping with round-the-clock bright lights.”

A subset of these children has issued complaints of having to spend over 60 days in these supposedly temporary shelters, even though a decision from the Obama-era administration had placed a 72-hour limit on how long these minors are allowed to be held inside the United States in Customs and Border Protection (CBP) custody. The administration of Uncle Joe has circumvented these requirements by moving the groups of migrant children who are captured along the border of the United States and Mexico out of CB{ facilities and into the housing that is being run by the Health and Human Service Department.

As reported by the Daily Mail on Sunday, there are over 14,000 children still stuck in the custody of the United States, which is down from a high set in April of around 22,000.

“The food here is horrible,” stated one of the children to the prosecutor as part of her testimonial. “Yesterday we were given hamburgers but I couldn’t eat it because there was a foul odor coming from the bread. I really only eat popsicles and juice because that is the only food that I can trust.”

Other groups of detained children issued complaints of raw chicken, insufficient bathroom facilities, no laundry facilities, and as little as one hour of outdoor recreation per day.

“Lawyers were given access to speak with children in these facilities as they monitor government compliance with the Flores Settlement – a 1997 agreement governing conditions for which detained immigrant children can be kept,” as stated by the Daily Mail. “The team of attorneys have interviewed children and conducted site visits at the emergency shelters, which were originally intended for short stays.”

The ever-growing reports that are coming in also point to a spiraling issue with depression in the children migrants being housed at HHS facilities, especially among the girls of the population.

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