Chick-Fil-A Makes Bold Move – You May Reconsider Eating Here

There is currently a panic-inducing event happening at Chic-Fil-A. A shortage happening with sauces at Chic-Fil-A will soon have fans struggling to sauce their nuggets.

In a report from CNN, Chick-fil-A will be initiating a limit on the number of sauces can select due to an issue in the supply chain from their providers.

“The chicken chain said Wednesday that industry-wide supply chain issues, which are affecting essentially every aspect of the economy, has resulted in a ‘shortage of select items’ that Chick-fil-A serves, including sauces,” CNN stated in its report.

In a new policy they announced, the famous chicken joint will only be allowing one packet of dipping sauce per item ordered. In a release found on their website, the renowned home of the chicken sandwich stated it will seek to resolve the issue as soon as it possibly can.

“We are actively working to make adjustments to solve this issue quickly and apologize to our guests for any inconvenience,” the company stated.

CNN set a profile of the sharp burden that has been placed on restaurants and other fast food joints due to labor shortages in recent months, including other venues such as KFC, Wingstop, and many others:

Fast food restaurants have been hit especially hard in recent months with both a labor shortage and supply chain issues. For example, ketchup packets have come in short supply amid heightened demand. Heinz recently announced a 25% increase in production.

The fried chicken wars are putting a strain on the poultry population. Major chains, including KFC, Buffalo Wild Wings and Wingstop, are “paying steep prices” for chicken and suppliers are having trouble keeping up demand because of difficulties attracting workers.

Luckily for Chick-fil-A, the company says it hasn’t been affected by the chicken shortage.

Conservatives and Chick-Fil-A had a bit of bad blood back in 2019 when the company stopped issuing its donations to The Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes after LGBTQ activists group branded them as a homophobic company. Matt Walsh, with The Daily Wire, made the argument that the company’s surrender to a “rage mob” would not do anything at all to fix any revenue issues by distancing its normal supporters and not getting any new faces because the left would boycott them either way.

“The change of heart is somewhat confounding. Yes, they’ve been boycotted on and off for the past seven years. Yes, LGBT activists were prone to lashing out at the restaurant’s ‘hate chicken,'” he stated. “But none of this appeared to be negatively affecting the company’s bottom line. Indeed, the opposite was the case. The initial boycott in 2012 gave rise to Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, where fans of the restaurant waited in lines wrapped around the block to show their support in the form of eating their delicious chicken. The enthusiasm never died. Chick-fil-A rose in popularity during the intervening years, tripling its sales and becoming one of the top three restaurant chains in the country.”


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