Charges Against Marilyn Mosby Stand After Federal Ruling

A ruling from a federal judge has denied the request from Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to see the charges slated against her be dismissed and went even further beyond to reject her insane claim that she was being targeted because of her race.

Mosby was officially federally indicted back in January of 2022 for a series of charges including perjury and making a false statement on a loan application. A. Scott Bolden, her attorney, made the argument in court this past Thursday that these charges against his client stemmed from Assistant U.S. Attorney Leo Wise’s personal, and highly racially motivated, animosity to the top prosecutor in Baltimore. Bolden then argued that the charges should be summarily thrown out for that reason, or that Wise should be taken off the case entirely, reported MTOP.

However, Lydia Kay Griggsby, a U.S. District Judge, outright refused to dismiss the case, stating that Mosby failed to meet any legal standard for the dismissal of the case outright or to have the person prosecuting the case removed. Griggsby also rejected the claims from Mosby of “animus” and “selective and vindictive prosecution,” stated a report from WTOP.

“Bolden argued that Wise has a ‘penchant’ for prosecuting Black politicians and that he displayed animosity toward Mosby when he contributed $200 to her political opponents in 2018. He also alleged that Wise was belligerent in a meeting and that prosecutors failed to present potentially exculpatory evidence to a grand jury,” reported the news source.

“We think these are powerful facts,” Bolden stated. “We think you gotta do something about this. This is not a clean indictment.”

Wise, in response, hurled accusations at Bolden and Mosby of creating “a victim fantasy… to deflect from the defendant’s conduct,” stating that their allegations are “a jumble of baseless and poorly reasoned personal attacks… divorced from the law on selective and vindictive prosecutions.”

“This is a play that politicians do,” he stated, as reported by WTOP.

Wise went on to argue that public corruption cases are made to go through a rigorous process and receive approval from an internal “indictment review committee,” stating that he “could no more decide whether to indict someone than I could authorize air strikes into Russia.”

The Wise’s co-counsel, Assistant U.S. Attorney Sean Delaney, told Griggsby that the prosecution brought a case against Mosby “because a federal grand jury found probable cause.”

Griggsby outright rejected the claims of racial animus from Mosby, stating in her ruling that the objections “amount to objections or differences of opinions.” the judge went on to rule that Wise’s previous donation to Modby’s campaign opponents was not sufficient evidence of unfair targeting.

In the wake of the ruling, Mosby claimed she was innocent, whining to reporters, “I’m going to fight and I’m going to prevail, like I always do.”

Bolden also took the time to release a statement claiming his client’s innocence.

“This fight continues,” he stated. “This is one step in the ongoing fight and the struggle for her freedom and her liberty and for her success — politically, personally and family-wise.”

Currently, Mosby is accused of lying about being impacted negatively by COVID-19 and using that excuse to make a $40,000 withdrawal from her Baltimore City retirement account. It is alleged by prosecutors that she did not face any financial hardship from any source, much less COVID-19 and that she allegedly made use of the money to purchase a pair of properties out in Florida. Additionally, she is charged with making false statements on mortgage applications, failing to state that has unpaid federal taxes and that the IRS  still holds a $45,000 lien against all of her, and her husband’s, holdings.

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