Chaos Ensues As School Board Makes New Decision

In an emergency meeting of a school board in New Jersey, the atmosphere devolved into complete chaos of a group of officials reverted back a plan to remove all holiday names from the calendar of their schools in an effort to be more politically correct.

In an 8-1 vote this past Monday, the Randolph Board of Education voted “to reinstate the holidays after dozens of members of the community voiced outrage during the public comment portion of the meeting,” as reported by Fox News.

“Tom Tatem, a Randolph Township father of four who created a petition demanding school board members resign, and James Jacobi, a Randolph Township father of three, told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday that the victory should be a lesson in transparency for towns across America,” stated the news outlet.

“It’s not about being the loudest to get your way, it’s really about learning that this needs to be a transparent and accountable and collaborative process with the town that you live in,” Jacobi added. “And that’s one of the biggest messages we were giving the board last night, consistently across 40 different speakers. And that’s what they really need to come and think about.”

“They got the message, ” Tatem stated. “They reversed course on their decision, which is very much appreciated.”

The meeting quickly devolved into chaos as the board maintained “a nearly four-hour onslaught of boos, jeers, calls for their resignation and about 50 speakers during the public session. The overwhelming majority of speakers accused the board of bringing what they called ‘woke’ and ‘cancel culture’ actions into their school system,” as per USA Today.

“The few who spoke in defense of the board and reviewing the calendar were shouted down by the approximately 400 people who filled Randolph Middle School for the special meeting,” stated the outlet. “Security guards and Randolph police kept a heavy presence of uniformed officers inside and outside the building. … A recess was called at one point to help police calm the crowd, but even then, individual arguments broke out, including one in which a board supporter was cursed at by another woman.”

The whole fiasco began as an effort to be more politically correct. The school board this past month started listing holidays, including holidays such as Easter and Christmas, along with national holidays,  like Thanksgiving and Memorial Day, as just a “day off.” The newly planned calendar was also changed to mark Columbus Day as Indigenous People’s Day, much to the chagrin of the public.

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