Cancelled Woman Seeks Justice Against Employer

The woman who blew up online and went viral last year as a result of calling the police on a black man in New York, Amy Cooper, has issued a lawsuit against her employer because she states she was let go after the event.

Bloomberg stated in a report that the lawsuit that Cooper filed states that Franklin Templeton, her previous employer, tried to paint her as “racist” for her actions, made the issue about her firing public all over Twitter, and lied when they stated that they had performed an investigation before they made the decision to fire her from her position.

Amy Cooper stated that the man in question, Christian Cooper (no relation), had a known history of “aggressively confronting” dog owners who had their dogs off their leashes. “He similarly initiated the dispute with her in the same aggressive manner while she was walking her dog alone, causing her ‘to reasonably fear’ for the safety of her and her pet, Cooper said,” Bloomberg reported.

“That’s why she called the police, Cooper told the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York in a Tuesday complaint. Franklin Templeton would have known that it had performed the investigation it told the public it had conducted, she said,” stated Bloomberg.

The lawsuit emphasized that the company did not look into or follow up with any investigation about the encounter before firing her the day after the incident.

“It only interviewed her in the immediate aftermath, when she was still ‘palpably distraught and fearful of her safety,’ Cooper said. And it never spoke or tried to speak with Christian Cooper or any of the other dog walkers he had previously accosted, she said,” the Bloomberg report continued.

As part of a slew of other things, Cooper stated that the company never even tried to obtain the full transcript of the phone calls that she made to the New York City Police Department. She also made the claim that her previous employer would have actually performed a real, complete, investigation into the whole affair if she had been of a different gender or race.

“We believe the circumstances of the situation speak for themselves and that the Company responded appropriately,” Franklin Templeton noted in a statement given to The Daily Wire in an email. “We will defend against these baseless claims.”

Bloomberg also noted that the lawsuit issues the request for a relief package in the form of “Back pay and lost bonus; loss of unvested funds and other benefits; reinstatement or front pay; compensatory damages for emotional distress; punitive damages; attorneys’ fees and costs.”


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