Canada Day Sparks Freedom Convoy Protesters Into Another Demonstration

Protesters from the well-known Freedom Convoy from Canada groups back up on Friday in order to carry out another demonstration in protest of COVID mandates on Canada Day.

The protests throughout Canada’s capital city took place just a few short months since the Freedom Convoy choked out a major thorofare by camping out for three weeks in the city in order to protest the government’s vaccine mandates and days after one of the convoy’s original organizers was taken into custody for not following the terms of her bail.

“We are going to be peaceful. We are going to be lawful. And if [police] want to try and crack down on us for peacefully protesting on Parliament Hill, then there’s nothing we can do. We’ll just have to deal with it at that time,” stated Andrew MacGillvray from the group Veterans for Freedom which is known to be an ancillary group working with the Freedom Convoy.

As reported by Politico, multiple hundreds of protesters turned up in order to bring attention to the government COVID mandates and the leadership of Justin Trudeau, the country’s Prime Minister, who previously claimed that protesters were “trying to blockade our economy, our democracy.”

The protesters at the event sported “F*** Trudeau” flags and banners, and had “Freedom Convoy 2022” merch available for sale.

“Canada has never been perfect, and it’s not perfect now,” explained the PM as part of his statements given on Canada Day, a celebration of the day of formation for the Canadian Federation. “Let’s remember the values that it stands for: Compassion, hope and responsibility, justice, openness and hard work.”

Trudeau has been more frequently finding himself in hot water for the government’s handling of their COVID vaccine mandates for truckers and his government’s response to the protests themselves.

One candidate running to lead Canada’s Conservative Party and take over for the prime minister, Pierre Polievre, stands opposed to the mandates and walked alongside the anti-mandate protesters this past Thursday.

“End all mandates. Restore our freedoms. Let people take back control of their lives,” he stated on social media.

These demonstrations also came directly in the wake of the arrest of Tamara Lich, one of the original organizers of the Freedom Convoy, after she allegedly failed to follow through with the expected conditions of her bail. After being arrested in Alberta, Lich now needs to be sent back to Ottawa for another court appearance.

“Based on everything we knew, she’s been diligently complying with all of her bail conditions as was noted by the judge at her recent bail review,” explained her legal representation.


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