California Teachers Union In Hot Water With Parents Over Celebrating National Parents Day

This past Sunday, one teacher’s union out in California found itself in trouble with parents over their choice to celebrate National Parents Day, only to end up being criticized for the obvious hypocrisy of the group when it comes to the desires of the parents for their kids.

A social media post went out from the California Teachers Association stated, “Happy [National Parents Day]! A major factor in student success is an involved support system outside of school. When parents are involved in their children’s education, kids do better in school!”

However, parents have been quite angered by the CTA over the course of the pandemic lockdowns as kids were made to stay at home and miss out on in-person schooling, which has led to a noticeable drop in overall test scores all over the state. The union also called for additional extensions and reinstatements of masking mandates, despite what Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom seemed to say about being ready to put an end to all masking mandates for schools earlier this year.

Throughout last year, a petition was created and advertised in order to boo the union out of the area, with many of the organizers claiming, “We need a constitutional amendment to abolish collective bargaining in our public school systems in California!” The petition seems to be fairly popular as it has garnered over 2,000 signatures.

“We are not friends. Cut the crap!” exclaimed one Los Angeles-based parents group, the LA Parent Union, in response to the teachers union acknowledging National Parents Day.

It was estimated by one research facility based out of Georgetown University, Edunomics Lab, just how much schooling time certain districts lost over the course of the fall of 2021. It is estimated that Los Angeles Unified students missed out on about 22 weeks worth of learning for math and over 18 weeks of learning for reading.

The overall costs to deal with this level of loss “depend on the intervention utilized.” stated the group, adding, “Tutoring is considered a higher impact investment.” Its overall predictions about cost seem to suggest that the district would need to spend an estimated $851 million for tutoring in math, and almost $467 million in tutoring for reading.

The national director of research for the American Federation of Children, Corey DeAngelis, issued thanks to the union “for the accidental endorsement of school choice.”

“This gaslighting is beyond parody,” he stated to Fox News Digital. “The organization that has fought against parental rights in education for decades now wants us to believe they support parents? Get out of here with that noise. Parents aren’t dumb. They are never going to forget how the teachers union held children’s education hostage and put politics before the needs of families.”

“The California Teachers Association has some nerve in suddenly pretending to respect and care about what parents want after working tirelessly to keep kids locked out of schools for nearly two years,” explained Erika Sanzi, the Director of Outreach at Parents Defending Education.

“They also fought hard to keep children masked. Despite overwhelming parents demand for more educational options for their children, the union puts up roadblocks at every turn to ensure that low income families have zero options outside of their residentially assigned school. The brutal truth is that the unions do not want parents engaged in what’s happening in schools at all unless it involves bake sales and potlucks,” she concluded.



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