California Governor Rants About The Dangers Of AR-15s While Failing Gun Safety 101

Gavin Newsom, the Democrat Governor of California, caught some pretty extreme and much-warranted flak this past Friday over a recent video, in which he was holding an AR-15. that was recorded to brag about a pair of new gun control laws that he has recently signed that sought to ban “ghost guns” and firearm marketing that seemed to be aimed at younger audiences.

The vast majority of the criticism being hurled at the governor stems from the fact that he used an actual AR-15 as a visual aid in the video and seemed to maintain appropriate trigger discipline, well that is before he turned it to point the rifle directly at whoever had the misfortune of manning the camera recording him.

“This is an AR-15. A weapon of war. The gun industry is openly marketing these to KIDS. With cartoons and mini JR-15s,” stated Newsom in the social media post that went alongside his video. “These don’t belong in the hands of our kids or on our streets. I just signed 2 bills that ban ghost guns and these sick marketing ploys.”

Throughout the governor’s video, Newsom called out the Supreme Court and “right-wing Republicans” by claiming, “Do you have no common decency, respect, or even common understanding that kids should not have one of these?”

“This is an AR-15, a weapon of war, a weapon of mass destruction,” he went on, before turning the weapon to lay it down and in the same motion he ends up pointing the weapon directly at the camera operator that had the misfortune of working with him that day.

“I’ve never seen anyone so awkwardly hold a sporting rifle in my life (it’s not a weapon of war and is responsible for the least fatalities, under blunt objects even) and then you flagged your d*** cameraman,” exclaimed Dana Loesch, a syndicated radio host.

“Dude, did you just point that right at a cameraman,” chimed in Emily Zanotti via social media.

“Kids can’t buy guns legally dude. If parents want to buy guns for their kids and teach them how to shoot responsibly that’s fine. California Dems just want to stop the new generation from being exposed to gun culture because they know it will hurt their gun control agenda,” expressed another Twitter user, @NuanceBro.

“Get a load of Nazi Hairgel here. Not an AR-15. Not a WEAPUHN OF DER WEHR. Not marketed to babies. JR-15. Shoots a .22lr. Basically for plinking cans and target practice. Also, he points the gun at the cameraman and everyone else in the room, because gun safety what’s that?” slammed @daddywarpig.

Dear @GavinNewsom, This is a .22-caliber rifle. It is not a ‘weapon of war’ — for good reason. Lastly, please if you’re going to handle a firearm, treat it as if it is loaded and don’t point the barrel at your camera crew. Thanks,” explained a post from Young Americans for Liberty.

The whole situation was quite succinctly summed up by Larry Taunton, “Gavin ‘Alec Baldwin’ Newsom points this rifle at his cameraman. This much is clear about so-called #guncontrol: Democrats should not own guns as they don’t know how to use them.”


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