California Declares War on the “Well to Do”

Newly installed Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom wasted no time in declaring war on the well to do.

People in California work hard in order to improve their finances and to move into safe neighborhoods, where they know property values will remain stable. But, what they didn’t count on was being knifed in the back by a governor that most of them voted for.

Newsom has just filed a lawsuit against Huntington Beach, a wealthy neighborhood on the outskirts of Los Angeles, claiming that they have a responsibility to provide for cheap housing for those who have less than they do.

If he wins, people stand to lose a fortune as their property values shrink.


Governor Gavin Newsom announced this week his plans to sue an upscale California city after they refused to construct a certain amount of “affordable housing” within its limits; accusing the local government of “standing in the way” and escalating the regions’ homeless crisis.

Newsom’s administration is poised to sue Huntington Beach, a wealthy neighborhood on the outskirts of Los Angeles; claiming they’re “standing in the way of affordable housing production and refusing to meet regional housing needs.”

“The suit, the first of its kind under a state law passed last year, will seek to require the city to amend its housing plan for the building of more units accessible to people of all income levels, according to the governor’s office,” writes the Wall Street Journal.

“The state doesn’t take this action lightly,” said the governor. “The huge housing costs and sky-high rents are eroding the quality of life for families across this state.”

What’s next? Suing the local Lexus dealer to force him to sell his cars below cost to those who can’t afford one? Why not?  And shouldn’t Neiman-Marcus have a sliding price scale on their products depending on the person’s income?

Welcome to the People’s Republic of California.

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