CAIR and the Democrats Launches Attack on Baseball Club Owner

Is there no limit to the lengths Democrats will go to in order to pander to terrorists? Apparently not.

They have now teamed up with CAIR of Connecticut in an effort to silence the head of the Center for Security Policy (CSP), a group that opposes Islamic extremism. E. Miles Prentice, the chairman of the CSP board of directors and the owner of two minor league baseball teams, one in Connecticut and one in Texas is now under attack by CAIR, who supports terrorism and the Democrats who do, too.

They are insisting that he either sells his Connecticut team or resign from the CSP. He refuses to do either.

From Breitbart News

Gaffney, the executive chairman of the CSP think tank, convened a Facebook Live panel discussion to discuss the issue on Thursday.

The Connecticut chapter of CAIR has targeted E. Miles Prentice, the chairman of the CSP board of directors, Gaffney, a former Pentagon official under Ronald Reagan, said.

With the support of Connecticut Democrat officials, CAIR is reportedly demanding that Prentice cut his ties to the think tank.

Gaffney explained on Thursday:

The Council on American-Islamic Relations Connecticut [CT] chapter demands that it be the interlocutor, that it be the arbiter of whether Miles Prentice is allowed to have a baseball team in Norwich, Connecticut, or not. And the price of his being able to do that has to be disassociating himself from the Center for Security Policy

The situation of Miles Prentice is just a microcosm of what is happening to this country much more broadly. … This is part of the stealth jihad against America. Make no mistake about it, Miles is simply the latest target.

I commend him for standing up to it, and I hope that he will — with your help, that of the mayor, and the people of Norwich, Connecticut, and across this country — succeed in continuing to help fight the good fight for freedom, for our Constitution, and for the American way.