British Authorities Arrest Julian Assange… Expected to Be Extradited to the United States

Ecuadorian officials invited British police into their London embassy to arrest Julian Assange. He was removed from the embassy and taken into custody. It is expected that the British will now extradite the WikiLeaks boss to the United States to face trial at the Democrat’s insistence.

It is a request that they could live to regret. What if Assange makes a deal to expose who really gave him the DNC emails and it’s Seth Rich. Not only would it destroy the Russian narrative, but it would also raise the question if the DNC knew it was an inside job from the beginning.

From Breitbart News

While he was alive, neoconservative Senator John McCain claimed that leaks provided to WikiLeaks by Chelsea Manning, which included the diplomatic cables, caused U.S. foreign sources to be harmed.

However, it was in fact an error on the part of a Guardian journalist, not WikiLeaks, that that led to the full unredacted cables leaking to third parties on the web that WikiLeaks published them as well — and not before Assange attempted to warn the office of Hillary Clinton, then U.S. Secretary of State about the unintended leak of the cables.

A United Nations special rapporteur recently urged Ecuador not to expel the WikiLeaks publisher, warning that the risk of extradition without due process safeguards would lead to a risk of human rights violations.

“Extradition without due process safeguards, including an individual risk assessment and adequate protection measures violates international law, particularly if the destination state practices the death penalty and has not disclose the criminal charges held against the person concerned” warned the rapporteur.

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