BREAKING: The FBI Releases It’s Internal Files on Christopher Steele – Author Of The Trump Dossier

The FBI released 71 pages of their internal file on Clinton dossier author, Christopher Steele. Nearly everything is redacted. But what little is left answers some questions and begs one other one? According to the document, Christopher Steele was admonished by the FBI and at the end, he signed off on it. But that is probably not an admonishment in the true sense.

All “Confidential Human Source,” (CHS) are briefed on the rules they must abide by while working with the FBI. The document said that occurred in July of 2016, but gave no date. Since the investigation was authorized on July 31st, it would mean they recruited Steele before there was an investigation.

Actually, none of the allegations have been proven.

From The Daily Caller

“Verbally admonished the [Confidential Human Source] CHS with CHS admonishments, which the CHS fully acknowledged, signed and dated,” the document reads.

However, according to NBC, ” an admonishment is typically given when a person begins a stint as a confidential informant and annually thereafter. It is a briefing on the rules of being an informant to ensure the source complies with guidelines set by the Attorney General, and usually not a criticism of the source.”

The documents also reveal that Steele disclosed to a third party that he was working for the FBI as an informant, as well as the fact that Steele was the source for a news article.

The agency signaled by Nov. 1, 2016, that it would likely end its relationship with Steele and that he should refrain from “obtain[ing] any intelligence whatsoever on behalf of the FBI.”

Friday’s release of the files is unlikely to quell any concerns by Republicans that Steele was an improper asset for the FBI.

In January 2017, BuzzFeed news published Steele’s dossier of various allegations regarding President Donald Trump and those within his orbit. Many of those allegations have yet been proven.