Breaking! Peter Strzok Has Been Fired From FBI

The FBI fired NeverTrumper Peter Strzok, today, allegedly over his text messages with a lover, Lisa page. The FBI hasn’t released the reason for the firing yet.

Perhaps it’s the same as McCabe’s. McCabe was fired for lack of candor by lying to investigators… Or maybe because of the way the Clinton investigation ended or the Trump one began. He was involved in so much wrongdoing, it’s hard to pinpoint one thing. His lawyer’s panties are in a wad as well as claiming Strzok should’ve been given a sixty-day suspension. Also a demotion from a supervisory role.

From Fox News

Strzok was removed from the special counsel probe after the discovery that he exchanged anti-Trump and other politically charged messages with a colleague and lover Lisa Page.

In June, he was then removed from his FBI office amid the release of a scathing DOJ inspector general report that largely dealt with the Justice Department and FBI’s handling of the investigation into Clinton’s private email server but uncovered messages that “appeared to mix political opinion with discussions” about that probe — namely, those between Strzok and Page.   

The IG ultimately found no evidence that the bias among the several FBI agents impacted prosecutorial decisions in the Clinton email probe. But Republicans have repeatedly raised concerns that anti-Trump bias played a role in the start of the investigation into Russian meddling and potential collusion with Trump associates in 2016.

Justice is moving slowly, but at least it’s moving. I don’t feel like justice as served if he’s not charged with crimes over the handling of the two investigations. Strzok testified before Congress telling them he had nothing to do with the original FISA application. As it turns out he lied.

Now, let’s see them take it to the next level or no one will ever trust the FBI again.