BREAKING: New Developments Between Israel and Hamas

An Israeli soldier walks at a staging ground near the border with the Gaza Strip, in southern Israel, Thursday, May 20, 2021. (AP Photo/Maya Alleruzzo)

Early Thursday afternoon, The Israeli cabinet released a statement confirming that it had reached the decision to confirm the ceasefire.

“The Security Cabinet convened tonight,” read the release from the Israeli security cabinet’s decision. “The Political Security Cabinet unanimously accepted the recommendation of all security officials, the chief of staff, the head of the Shin Bet [internal security agency], the head of the Mossad [foreign intelligence] and the head of the National Security Council, to accept the Egyptian initiative for a bilateral unconditional ceasefire, which will take effect at a later date.”

“The chief of staff, the military echelon and the head of the GSS reviewed before the ministers Israel’s great achievements in the campaign, some of which were unprecedented,” the document continued. “The political echelon emphasizes that the reality on the ground will determine the continuation of the campaign.”

Just minutes after the decision of adopting the ceasefire was confirmed by the Israeli cabinet, the BBC issued the report that, as reported by the Israeli military, warning sirens marked the warning that rockets had been fired from Gaza along with rhetoric from Palestinian groups that claimed that the airstrikes from Israel had continued.

“Egyptian President Sisi has ordered two security delegations into Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories to work towards upholding the ceasefire, according to Egyptian state TV,” continued the BBC.

As a news outlet whose offices in Gaza allegedly shared space with Hamas terrorists, The Associated Press went on to report that an official for Hamas claimed that “The ceasefire announced by Israel amounts to a ‘victory’ for the Palestinian people and a defeat for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”

“Ali Barakeh said Hamas militants would remain on alert until mediators have been in touch to finalise the details of the truce,” the BBC stated.

A news source,  The Times of Israel, issued a statement reporting that “Right-wing lawmakers, including some of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s close political allies, warned him on Thursday against a ceasefire with Hamas as Israel and the terror group closed in on an agreement to end 11 days of fighting.”

Gideon Sa’ar, the New Hope leader, stated his rejection of the proposals.

“The cessation of Israeli military activity without imposing any restrictions preventing the arming and strengthening of Hamas and without the return of the soldiers and civilians held in Gaza will be a political failure, the price of which will be paid, with interest, in the future,” stated Sa’ar, as reported by the Times of Israel. A critic of Netanyahu stated that a ceasefire “would seriously harm Israeli deterrence” against the terrorist organization Hamas.

As reported by Reuters, “Israel and Hamas will cease-fire across the Gaza Strip border as of Friday, the Palestinian Islamist faction and Egyptian state TV.” The Associated Press continued, “Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said Israel accepted the Egyptian proposal after a late-night meeting of his Security Cabinet. Hamas quickly followed suit and said it would honor the deal.”

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