BREAKING: Judge Orders Status Hearing on Michael Flynn Case

Robert Mueller has delayed the sentencing of Gen Michael Flynn for the third time. Now, federal Judge Ennet Sullivan is calling a hearing on July 10th at which time the witch hunters will have to explain why Flynn who agreed to plead guilty in December of 2017 and still Mueller isn’t ready for the sentencing hearing.

Mighty curious unless Mueller knows that Andrew McCabe doctored the FBI’s 302 forms to make it appear that Flynn lied even though he had not. McCabe and Strzok ambushed Flynn but even then it was said that he didn’t lie. In fact, James Comey testified to that fact. It is extremely rare but Judge Sullivan could dismiss the case with prejudice, which means that Mueller could not refile charges against Flynn.

From The Gateway Pundit

As previously reported, on May 1st, Dirty Cop Robert Mueller requested that sentencing of Michael Flynn be delayed for two months.

In February 2018 Republican lawmakers told reporter Byron York that James Comey told lawmakers General Michael Flynn did not lie under oath when he was interviewed by the FBI in January 2017.

Deep state operatives Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok blindsided Flynn on January 24, 2017, with an unannounced questioning of Trump official. Typically, a lawyer for the National Security Council would be informed of such a meeting and be present for it. The unannounced meeting took General Flynn by surprise.

“This is big: in response to today’s motion, the Court has, on its own, set the matter for a status hearing. General Flynn will be in attendance. July 10. Mark your calendars.”

“Likely subject matter: Why did the Special Counsel secure a plea deal in December of 2017 when it wouldn’t be ready for sentencing in August of 2018?”

It will be interesting to see what the judge has in mind.

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