Black Lives Matter Activist Charged With Anti-Asian Hate Crime

An activist for Black Lives Matter who posted numerous messages online against “hate” and supposedly stood in solidarity with Asian_Americans after a criminal killed six Asian women in Alabama has been charged with a hate crime against a group of three Asian-American women.

Jason Rantz with KTTH has reported that police have charged activist Christopher Hamner of Seattle with a hate crime noting two incidents in mid-March:

On March 16, Seattle police say Hamner approached a mother as she was driving with her two young children. The police incident report says an unprovoked but angry Hamner stalked toward her car while shouting expletives including ‘Asian b—-.’ He was allegedly seen “punching his fists together” while shouting for the victim to get out of the car. Before escaping, she was able to take photos of the suspect.

Three days later, on March 19, Hamner is accused in a similar incident.

According to the incident report, two females were driving behind Hamner when he stopped his car at random. When the victims tried to drive past him, he cut them off, opened his door, and started to yell at them, ‘F— you, Asian!’

Police say Hamner then got out of his car and started to charge at them while yelling. He threw some plastic object at their vehicle and then they drove off to escape what they thought was the threat of an imminent assault.

The victim’s car was equipped with a dashboard camera. Police were able to positively identify Hamner.”

The Prosecutor’s Office of King County has reportedly stated that Hamner verbally accosted the women while they were in the vehicles and “demonstrated violent, anti-Asian behavior.”

Hamner has a trial that is scheduled to happen on June 3rd and has already pleaded guilty.

Rantz reported that, on the web, Hamner made himself out to be a typical Black Lives Matter activist. He would make negative remarks against former President Donald Trump and post positive messages about President Joe Biden. He also made comments on Facebook relating to the Atlanta, Georgia shooting at a spa stating that everyone has “had bad days but it never justifies hate crimes against [Asian Americans].”

He also went on to post a link to a YouTube video that included Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’ condemnation of the shooting. He captioned it with: “Thank God for a President & VP who can comfort a nation after the Atlanta shooting.”

Rantz went on to describe Hamner’s Facebook page as “full of progressive virtue signaling,” noting that he had repeatedly heaped praise on Rep. Ocasio Cortes (D-NY) as the “Angel of Congress” and also posted videos from progressive news sources that covered alleged racism against Asian-Americans, captioning: “We Stand UNITED against racism & white supremacy.”

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