Bill and Hillary Have to Stoop to Using Groupon to Sell Tickets

They don’t need to sell more seats. They could always cut expenses. Instead of renting a stadium, they could rent a broom closet. And instead of hiring an expensive security team, they just need to hire one janitor.

You know how fussy those people are about their equipment. But, they have decided to go the Groupon route. Buy one ticket, get one ticket free. At the end of the tour, they will draw tickets and the winner gets a two night stay in the Clinton’s mansion with the former first family.

Second prize is a five-night stay.

From Breitbart News

The Clintons were cashing in on their speaking tour tickets before their much-hyped nationwide speaking tour launched in Toronto, Canada.

But the Toronto event opened to empty seats, causing ticket prices to sink low enough in some areas to force the Clintons to take drastic steps to increase ticket sales and attendance at events.

Ticket prices sank so low in some areas of the country, they plummeted  as low as $7.

To save face, the Clintons decided to offer tickets for the next stop on their “An Evening With the Clintons” tour on Groupon at a 60 percent discount.

Although seats for the tour are still available on the official site for as much as $325, Groupon is offering tickets for the event in Los Angeles as low as $35.

The May 19 event at The Forum, a 17,000-seat venue in Inglewood, California, had $77 tickets going for $35, $120 tickets for $50, and $175 tickets discounted to $72.

I’m waiting until they start offering people money to attend. Then I’ll turn them down.