Biden’s Sister Makes Weird Statements About Republicans In Memoir

The younger sister of Old Uncle Joe, Valerie Biden Owens, made the argument in a memoir that was officially made public on Tuesday that Democrats should be the group titled “pro-life,” over the Republicans who currently hold it when speaking on the subject of abortion, because the Democrats claim to stand for “a life in which a mother gets to determine her future and that of her child.”

“Like many women, I harbored complicated feelings on the topic,” claims Owens in the writing of her newest memoir “Growing Up Biden,” which was published by Celadon Books. “I’m pro-choice, but I remain convinced that Democrats chose the wrong term for our side of the issue.”

Old Uncle Joe’s sister highlights in her book that she quite often refers to herself using the term pro-life, regardless of how she currently stands in favor of increased abortion access for all women.

“We should have been pro-life, for we are the ones advocating for a better life, a life in which a mother gets to determine her future and that of her child,” she also states in the memoir, reported Fox News this past Monday. “Sometimes, I even accidentally say I’m pro-life, because that’s what it feels like the pro-choice position should have been called.”

Owens has been a campaign advisor to the president for quite some time, holding the position as Biden’s campaign manager for the entire time he went through elections in the Senate, Along with all of his presidential runs back in 1988 and 2008. She also held the title of senior advisor for Old Uncle Joe throughout the 2020 presidential run.

This recently released memoir has quite a bit of information about the president and shows up about a year in the wake of lawyers for the transition team for Biden-Harris ordering the niece of Vice President Kamala Harris that she was not to author any books that sported Harris’s name, likeness, or life history. This newly released book, however, shows a childhood photo of her, the president, their mother, and two brothers.

Growing Up Biden details Valerie’s decades-long professional career in politics, and the central role she played in her brother’s life as an insightful adviser, an ever-loyal advocate and best friend,” reads a description of the memoir.

As part of an interview about her memoir that took place on Monday, Owens claims that former President Donald Trump is “intent” on “bringing my brother down.”

“I assumed from the beginning that the former president and his entourage would attack my brother by going and attacking my family,” she claimed, seemingly in reference to the large amount of evidence that continues to come out about Hunter Biden that has been argued as to amount to wrongdoing.


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