Biden States That North Korea Still Refuses To Respond To Offer Of COVID-19 Vaccines

This past Saturday, Old Uncle Joe issued a statement that confirmed the recent reports that the United States put forth an offer to North Korea of COVID-19 aid, but claimed that the isolated kingdom has not chosen to respond to the efforts from the U.S. about the matter.

Jennifer Jacobs, a reporter for Bloomberg, issued a tweet on Saturday that stated that Biden told various members of the South Korean media that America has put forth the offer of COVID-19 vaccines and aid to both China and North Korea, and remains set to do so until the U.S. receives an answer. Biden is currently in South Korea for the Republic of Korea-U.S. Summit that allows discussion of America’s and South Korea’s alliance and strategic partnership.

“The answer is yes, we’ve offered vaccines, not only to North Korea, but China as well. We are prepared to do that immediately,” Biden stated to a reporter who put forth the question of if the U.S. would help North Korea. “We have gotten no response.”

Early Saturday morning, Jacobs issued a report that officials with the Biden administration had stated to her that the U.S. was more than willing to assist North Korea as it struggles under the weight of its more than two million active COVID-19 cases “despite nuclear threats” from the Kim Jong Un, the nation’s dictator.

“It is our hope that they will make decisions that will allow for the maximum amount of support in this time of great need…and great crisis,” stated the source Jacobs was using.

US “looking for ways in which we and others in the international community can work together to provide assistance as needed” for North Korea’s coronavirus outbreak, but international community united in opposition to “destabilizing and threatening behavior,” Biden official says.

As reported by The Daily Wire on “Friday that the president landed in Pyeongtaek for his first presidential visit to Asia, beginning a five-day tour aimed at bolstering the White House’s economic commitment to the region. Biden’s first remarks in South Korea called for final passage of a bill  meant to boost U.S. competitiveness against China that House and Senate negotiators are currently negotiating.”

Biden’s first speech this past Friday began in a very unsteady way as he called South Korea’s President Yoon Seok-Yeol by the wrong name.

“President Moon…Yoon, thank you for everything you’ve done so far,” Biden stated while addressing his counterpart from South Korea. Moon Jae-in was Yoon’s immediate predecessor.




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