Biden Finally Talks

Democrat President Jow Biden has finally announced that he will give his first press conference next week after avoiding the responsibility since moving into the office, setting a modern-day record that he should not be proud of.

The new announcement came after the White House has been receiving flak from both right-wing and left-wing publications over the lack of Biden holding press conferences.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has stated that Biden will give the news conference on Thursday, March 25th which is over two months after he has taken office.

ABC News shot back at the claims from Psaki that said Biden has “done about 40 Q&As since he took office” in its report stating:

But those exchanges are often devoid of any meaningful back-and-forth, and typically last just seconds.

The president sometimes responds to one or two short questions — if that — while White House staff members yell, “Thank you!” and “Let’s go!” as they usher the journalists out.

“I’m sorry, can’t hear him,” Biden said on Thursday as his aides screamed over a reporter and pushed the press out of the room. The president did not answer the question.

The Washington Post reported this past week that as of four days ago, Trump had already given five news conferences by this point in his presidency while Clinton had given five, Obama had given two, and George W. Bush three.

“Avoiding news conferences must not become a regular habit for Mr. Biden. He is the president, and Americans have every right to expect that he will regularly submit himself to substantial questioning,” The Washington Post’s Editorial Board wrote in a separate opinion piece. “Though Mr. Biden regularly answers a smattering of questions after making announcements or other events, Post media critic Erik Wemple points out that these often perfunctory exchanges are no substitute for formal, solo news conferences at which reporters can ask follow-up questions, answers are supposed to be more than a couple of words long, and the president’s thoughts on a wide range of issues can be mined.”

Kayleigh McEnany and Dana Perino, both former press secretaries, stated that it was a mistake to announce a press conference in advance and that it’s a better idea to just announce it the day of.

McEnany stated to Fox Business that Biden avoiding the media was exactly the same “basement strategy” that he used during the campaign. “I think his staff does not have faith that he can stand at the podium and have a press conference the way President Trump did many times,” she said. “I don’t think this is President Biden saying, ‘I don’t want to do this.’ I think it’s those around him recognizing when he does speak, it doesn’t always turn out so well, like calling Republicans ‘Neanderthals,’ as he did recently in the Oval Office.”

He has quite the laundry list of things to address that will be brought up at this press conference. With Biden’s son under federal criminal investigation for possible tax fraud and money laundering, the border crisis unfolding under his watch, and North Korea ignoring his attempts at outreach, there has been renewed criticism about his fitness for office.

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