Biden Dropped By Progressive Organization Before Their Announcement Of The ‘#DontRunJoe’ Campaign

One progressive group that has stood behind President Joe Biden throughout his 2020 presidential election campaign has officially announced the new “#DontRunJoe” national campaign, which stands against his 2024 renomination.

The national progressive advocacy group first founded in 2011, RootsAction, has started to build a campaign to stop Biden from making a run for the 2024 nominee of the Democratic Party by claiming that voters should not excuse or deny the failings of his current administration.

“Unfortunately, President Biden has been neither bold nor inspiring,” explained RootsAction in a release. “And his prospects for winning re-election appear to be bleak.”

“With so much at stake, making him the Democratic Party’s standard-bearer in 2024 would be a tragic mistake,” the group stated.

It is not shocking at all that Biden continues to hemorrhage support from his voters, some of which stuck behind him only as a means to get Trump out of the oval office. A recent survey from FiveThirtyEight highlighted Biden’s approval rating plummet below the 39 percent mark, the lowest of every president in their first term since all the way back to Truman.

Nicole Farrier, a 38-year-old Michigan Democrat voter, cast their ballot for Biden back in 2020 and stated to the New York Times that she now wants a president with “younger blood.”

She stated that since Biden entered office, she fell from “living a comfortable lifestyle to I can’t afford anything anymore,” citing the increases in her cost of living.

“I am so tired of all old people running our country,” Farrier stated. “I don’t want someone knocking on death’s door.”

Another Republican, this time 69-year-old John Waldron from New York, who also chose to vote for Biden in 2020, stated to the New York Times that he regrets voting for the current president.

“I thought he was going to do something for this country, but now he’s doing nothing,” Waldron stated.

jeff Cohen, the co-founder of RootsAction, stated to Politico that while Biden dithers, all of the more progressive achievements, such as abortion rights all the way out to the Clean Air Act, “just go out the window.”

“If you’re in touch with Democratic Party activists,” he explained. “The frustration is palpable.”

Cohen claimed that the group made the announcement due to their concerns about Biden’s performance, inability to fight for the working man, and courage to stand up against Republicans and corporate obstruction.

The other co-founder of the group, Norman Solomon, stated that it has become quite clear for most Democrats that Biden can not be allowed to run again.

“To defeat Republicans and to effectively fight for progressive programs, we need Biden to be seen as a one-term president who will not be the Democratic nominee in 2024,” stated Solomon.


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