Biden Administration Catching Flak From Attorney General For Seeking Emergency Comment On Military Diversity

Eric Schmitt, the Missouri Attorney General, issued extreme criticism against the Biden administration this past week for its attempts at seeking emergency comments on the role of diversity and inclusion policies surround the U.S. military when Americans were trying to flee Afghanistan in the wake of the country falling into Taliban rule.

Schmitt put out his own comment to the notice, where he pointed out back on August 25th that it was definitely was not the correct time to think “diversity” is an emergency as the situation in Afghanistan crumbles. The original notice was put forth to the Federal Register back on August 23rd and wanted to collect its comments in a scant two days.

“Unfortunately, the Biden Administration’s ‘emergency’ did not involve plans to rescue thousands of our fellow Americans and Afghan allies who are in grave danger. Instead, the ‘emergency’ was the apparently urgent need to ‘conduct research to investigate the theoretical relationship between diversity, inclusion policies and practices, and Soldier and team performance,’” wrote the Attorney General.

“America is a diverse country, and the American military proudly reflects that diversity. But is not really the time to worry about ‘theoretical relationships’?” added Schmitt. “Over the past several days, Americans have watched in dismay as the Biden Administration has stranded thousands of Americans and loyal Afghan allies on foreign soil at the mercy of ruthless Taliban extremists. This diverse group of Americans and Afghan allies need America’s help now. Yet the Biden Administration is seemingly content to fiddle away on radical ‘wokism’ while Kabul burns.”

While the Biden administration did, in fact, help with the evacuations of over 100,000 Americans, Afghans, and other allies from Kabul, the administration has received extreme criticism for the way in which it handled the U.S. withdrawal from the country.

As reported by the Daily Wire, Ned Price, a spokesman for the State Department, tried to avoid answering all inquiries about those who are still stuck in Afghanistan. The Associated Press has reported that Matt Lee has confronted Price concerning Americans, American passport holders, and other AAfghans allies who feel “screwed” and “lied to” after they were given promises of evacuation.

“You must have some estimate of [legal permanent residents] LPRs who are still there who want to get out, and if you don’t, why not?” Lee pressed at a press conference.

“Over the past couple days – and, in fact, overnight – we have been in touch with everyone in that remaining 100 to 200, and we do have a little bit more fidelity on that group that we’ve been able to garner over the past couple days,” responded price. “We have said that the number is likely closer to 100. Everything we have seen over the course of the past 48 to 72 hours indicates that is, in fact, the case. The number is likely closer to 100, perhaps considerably closer to 100.”

Lee then went on to say that he was “asking about green card holders.”

“Was there a decision made at some point to forget about those people?” he asked.

“Because a lot of them feel like they frankly got screwed here and that they were lied to because they had been told by people on the task force…that we know where you are, we’re not going to let you – we’re not going to strand you, don’t worry, stay tight – hold tight. And now what do they do? I mean, are you in touch also with the green card holders?” Lee went on to say.

Price has since continued to dodge questions and not answer Lee’s specific questions, going on to insist that the U.S. will do all that it can to get the Americans out who “choose” to leave Afghanistan.

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