BBC Journalist In Hot Water

As reported by The Jerusalem Post, an investigation has been launched by the BBC that is looking into Tala Halawa, a Palestinian affairs specialist, for the resurfacing of a series of alleged anti-Semitic tweets.

“Israel Is more #Nazi than #Hitler ! Oh, #HitlerWasRight #IDF go to hell,” tweeted Halawa back in 2014 when one of the last major conflicts between Israeli-Palestinian forces sparked off. “#PrayForGaza.”

While combing through her tweet history, it was discovered that Halawa reportedly stated “ur media is produced by ur zionist government in order 2 produce ignorant people,” “#Zionists can’t get enough of our blood,” and “they’re are [sic] crying the holocaust every single moment but they’re practicing it every single moment as well.”

As stated in a report from Honest Reporting, Halawa also made even more anti-Semitic remarks using her social media accounts.

“anti_Semitism melodrama is not trending anymore you stupid #Zionists #Jerusalem #capital of #palestine,” she posted to her social media back in 2014. “so #Zionists of #HarNof are so pissed bcuz of foreign media coverage? great, we’ve been dealing with biased media since forever u racist.”

Allegedly, Halawa put forth a possible solution to the fighting by sending the Jews to the United States, as reported by The Jerusalem Post:

In another post on Facebook, she shared an image with the slogan “Solution for Israel Palestinian conflict – relocate Israel into United States,” which she captioned to be an “easy and simple world solution! To enlightening the ‘dark radical’ middle east.”

This same image was also shared by UK Labour Party politician Naz Shah, leading to her suspension in 2016.
Another news outlet, The Spectator, Halawa recently covered the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for the outlet as a digital journalist:
Digital journalist Tala Halawa has been closely involved in the Beeb’s recent coverage of the Israel-Palestine conflict, providing additional reporting in a piece on children who have died and fronting a video about the model Bella Hadid’s views on the issue. Halawa is the Palestine Specialist in BBC Monitoring, specialising in Palestinian affairs and reporting for BBC services such as the Arabic website and the BBC World Service. All of these services are supposed to subscribe to the BBC’s rules on impartiality and rigorous journalism.
Before her time with the BBC, Halawa was an employee of the Palestinian radio station 24FM, as The New York Post reported. She was still working at said radio station at the time of the divisive tweets back in 2014.
Even though Halawa made these posts before she was under the employ with the BBC, the outlet stated they were still investigating the matter.
“These tweets predate the individual’s employment with the BBC but we are nevertheless taking this very seriously and are investigating,” Stated the BBC to The Spectator.
As a result of all of this, Halawa has since deleted both her LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.
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