Baltimore Residents Thank President Trump for Calling Attention Their Problems Democrats Refuse to Address

Two weeks ago, President Trump called attention to the atrocious conditions on the streets of Baltimore. Democrats reacted by denying there is a problem, which is why there is a problem to begin with.

But, conservative activist, Scott Presler decided to actually do something about it and he declared a Baltimore clean up day, which was carried out on Monday. The local residents were pleased but surprised because they had been used to hearing empty promises from their elected officials.

One woman even went on a video and thanked President Trump for his part in the operation.

From The Gateway Pundit

Last week conservative activist Scott Presler (pictured above) called for a Trash Clean-Up Day in Baltimore!

Scott wrote The Gateway Pundit hoping we would share the news, “After the comments on Baltimore, I’ve decided to organize a trash clean up in Baltimore city next week. Instead of just tweeting, or complaining about how bad things are, we are going to take action. The tweet that I posted about going to Baltimore has gone viral and dozens of volunteers have messaged me wanting to help clean up trash. I just wanted to make you aware that this is happening.”


On Monday Scott Presler and dozens of Trump supporters gathered in Baltimore for a trash clean-up day.

Jack Posobiec was there to film the community clean-up today.


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