Associated Press Fact Checks Democrats Claim of Kids in Cages

Once again last night, the Democratic candidates lied about kids in cages under President Trump, but what is different is that a left-wing media outlet actually fact check the claim and correctly, too. The AP decided to put the lies to bed once and for all.

It won’t work because as long as there are Democrats there will be mountains of lies. With Democrats, you are guilty even after being proved innocent.

The AP said quite clearly that the cages were built by Barack Obama and that he left them behind for Trump who has now given the kids actual beds to sleep in, even after Democrats protested the sale of beds to the detention centers.

From The Daily Caller

The Associated Press fact checked Democratic presidential candidates who claimed Wednesday night that President Donald Trump’s administration was responsible for putting migrant children in cages.

The “kids in cages” talking point has become a staple of Democratic rhetoric, but the AP dinged Democrats during Wednesday night’s debate, pointing out that the practice Democrats are referring to actually began under former President Barack Obama.

“The ‘cages’ for young migrants at the border were built and used by President Barack Obama,” the AP wrote.

The AP specifically responded to Democratic Colorado Sen. Michael Bennet’s statement that “Kids belong in classrooms not cages,” although other Democratic candidates made similar statements.

“The Trump administration has used them, too,” the AP wrote. “He is referring to chain-link enclosures inside border facilities where migrants have been temporarily housed, separated by sex and age.”

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