Army Brigadier General: “John Brennan is a Clear and Present Danger”

Retired Army Brig. Gen. Anthony Tata said former CIA director John Brennan is a “clear and present danger” to the United States…Who wants to unlawfully drive President Trump office. Tata said Brennan’s constant tweets attacking the president and calling for his ouster is more than enough to necessitate his security clearance being revoked. Although his leaking is equally problematic.

“He spied on American citizens and lied in front of Congress about that spying. Question 29 on the security clearance form says, you know, ‘have you ever supported overthrowing the U.S. Government?’ All of you got to look at Brennan’s tweets and he supports the removal of this president, and right there — that’s enough evidence to get rid of his clearance.”

From The Daily Caller

Host Brian Kilmeade then played a clip of GOP Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana calling Brennan an embarrassment to the intelligence community and accusing him of being politically biased in his professional dealings.

“I’ve made my feelings known about Mr. Brennan. I think most Americans look at our national intelligence experts as being above politics,” Kennedy said. “Mr. Brennan has demonstrated that that’s not the case. He’s been totally political. I think I called him a butthead and I meant it. I think he’s given the national intelligence community a bad name.”

“John Brennan is a clear and present danger and a threat to this nation,” Tata concluded. “He supports the overthrow of this particular president. And he needed to have his access to information revoked.”

I’ll be so glad when they finally slam the cell door behind this disgrace to America. Rather, he should never breathe a single lungful of freedom as long as he lives. Also, he’s the puppet master behind the Hillary dossier and Mueller’s investigation.

Let’s hope all this keeps up… I think Trump made the right call.

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