April Ryan Says She Will Tell What Really Happened When Her Bodyguard Assaulted a Newsman

April Ryan is a piece of work. She screams that Trump endangers the free press and her bodyguard assaults a newsman and takes his camera.

Now, Ryan will appear on TV with Brian Stelter to explain why the newsman was at fault and why restricting the free press is a good thing when she does it. I would watch it but quite frankly, I prefer the truth and with these two, that’s the last thing you would expect.

I prefer to let the videos talk for themselves and you can decide for yourself what you believe. No pressure.

From Breitbart News

Ryan came under fire after a video emerged last week allegedly showing her bodyguard roughing up a local news editor, Charlie Kratovil of New Brunswick Today, who was covering an event that featured Ryan as the keynote speaker.

The incident occurred at the New Jersey Parent Summit at The Heldrich Hotel on August 3. Kratovil attended the event with media clearance and did not seem to have trouble until Ryan’s security guard, whom Kratovil identified as Joel Morris, approached him. Morris, Kratovil said, asked which organization he was with and allegedly threatened to take his camera down.

“I declined to acquiesce to this threat from a stranger,” Kratovil wrote in a detailed Twitter thread, explaining the incident.

As Breitbart News reported:

“Just as Rep. Payne was praising Ms. Ryan for her recent @rcfp ‘Freedom of the Press’ award, the public relations people started to gather around me at my table, pressuring me to stop recording,” he continued in a Twitter thread, noting that things “started going south,” which prompted him to record the conversation.

He was told that Ryan would not take the stage with his camera up, but she did. However, Ryan’s security guard approached her on stage, whispered something, and proceeded to unplug Kratovil’s camera.

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