AOC Spreads Lies About Criminal Behavior By Donald Trump Jr.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is spreading lies and claiming that Donald Trump Jr being part of a criminal conspiracy. That is simply a lie. She is referring to questions asked to Michael Cohen by Ro Khanna.

All that was proved is that Jr signed a reimbursement check to a porn star who was trying to commit blackmail. What she left out was that Cohen testified that Trump had paid off liars before going back ten years or more. President Trump paid the money out of his own pocket and that’s not a crime. The most extreme case would be if it was paid out by the campaign, which is just a fine for not reporting it.

From Breitbart News

To begin with, paying off a blackmailing porn star with your own money is not illegal, nor does it prove the two of them slept together. As Cohen mentioned in his testimony, Trump has been forced to pay off liars in the past.

Secondly, keeping a payoff a secret is not a crime.

Most importantly, the worst Trump is guilty of here (and he’s not) is a campaign finance violation. Democrats and Dirty Cops in the Justice Department want us to believe the payoff should have been listed on Trump’s campaign finance reports as a “campaign expense.” Even if that were true (and it’s not), the worse case scenario is the campaign being hit with a fine.

The reason this is not a campaign finance violation is simple: Trump has been paying off this kind of blackmail for decades. Cohen admitted that during his testimony, which means this is not a campaign finance violation because you only have to report something as a campaign expense if that expense is specific to the campaign.

In other words, if you would have incurred this expense if you were not running for office, there is no requirement to report the expense.

This is not the first time AOC has deceived her constituents:

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