AOC Says Anyone Who Listened to Her on the 12 Years Before Disaster Has The Intelligence of Sea Sponge

If that’s true, then what about the person that came up with that nonsense. But now AOC claims that she was being facetious. No, she wasn’t. She just got called on her lies and is looking for a way out of the hole, her overwrought mouth and underwrought brain got her into.

No less than 5 Democratic candidates for president have endorsed the plan, so does the sea sponge analogy apply to them? And it’s easy to tell she is lying because the 12-year deadline is actually embedded in the Green New Deal and all of its goals occur within that 12-year time frame.

From The Daily Caller

That report said global greenhouse gas emissions needed to fall 45 percent below 2010 levels by 2030, then to zero by 2050, to avoid warming above 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2100. Media outlets, politicians and activists incorrectly took this to mean there’s only 12 years leftto avoid climate catastrophe.

Environmentalists promoting the Green New Deal have invoked the 12-year deadline. As have the thousands of students who went on strike for a Green New Deal. In fact, the Green New Deal’s press release claimed “we may have as few as 12 years to achieve it.”

Likewise, at least five Democratic presidential candidates have invoked the false 12-year deadline to promote their climate change agendas.

“And when it comes to environmental issues, climate change, we have 12 years,” New Jersey Democratic Sen. Cory Booker said in April at the “She the People” forum in Houston, Texas.

Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders warned “we have all of 12 years to significantly cut carbon emissions or else their will be irreparable damage to the United States and countries all over the world.” Sanders co-sponsored the Senate version of the Green New Deal.

Democratic California Sen. Kamala Harris also used the 12-year talking point, warning of “severe consequences” if nothing is done to fight global warming.