Antifa DC Targets Jack Posobiec After He Exposes Them and Gets Them Banned By Twitter

Antifa DC, a very radical group doxxed Tucker Carlson and made plans to invade his house again. Independent journalist Jack Posobiec notified Twitter of the threats coming from their Twitter accounts and believe it or not, Twitter actually banned them.

Twitter banned them for posting threats against Carlson and several other conservatives. Now, they are angry at Posobiec and they will undoubtedly target him. There is a current petition circulating to name Antifa as a domestic terrorist group. We will be offering you a chance to sign the petition on Monday.

Their violence must stop and it won’t as long as they face no consequences.

 From The Gateway Pundit

Far left hate group Antifa DC is outraged after conservative author, pundit and OANN reporter Jack Posobiec exposed them on Twitter.

The group was posting terroristic threats against Tucker Carlson and several conservatives online and in a Washington DC poster campaign.

Twitter took down their accounts following their public threats last week.

The Washington DC Antifa terror group threatened Tucker Carlson again last week.

The Antifa group threatened to organize another operation at Tucker Carlson’s house.  They posted his address on posters all over Washington DC.

According to Cultture, the DC Antifa accounts were suspended after the far left groups launched a harrassment campaign against Tucker Carlson and his family. The violent Antifa groups blame Jack Posobiec for exposing their threats.

There is no doubt that Antifa is a domestic terror group. Just this weekend, they beat Andy Ngo, a journalist covering their protest. He was hospitalized with brain bleeding after the savage attack.