Another Pair of Top Iranian Officials Killed In Separate Mysterious Events

An additional two top officials in Iran have been killed this past week in separate and quite mysterious incidents. This all takes place just a scant few days in the wake of another top Iranian commander being shot and killed just outside of his house and a drone manufacturing site in Iran found itself under assault by suicide drones.

Reportedly, Colonel Ali Esmailzadeh of the Revolutionary Guards’ elite Quds Force perished during an incident at his home out in the city of Karaj.

the media sources in Iran stated that he died as a result of falling off the roof of his home. People standing against the Islamic Republic, on the other hand, seem to claim that Esmailzadeh was murdered by state forces due to suspecting Esmailzadeh of being a spy that could have played a part in the death of Colonel Hassan Sayad Khodayari, who was shot and killed directly outside his home by a group of operatives riding by on a motorcycle.

“The report said that after Khodaei’s killing, the IRGC began hunting for security leaks and became suspicious of Esmailzadeh,” read a report from The Times of Israel. “He was then thrown from his roof, but the IRGC told his family he died by suicide because he was distraught over his separation from his wife, Iran International said, citing ‘sources in Iran.'”

Khodaei planned “abductions and assassinations” against Jews across the globe as a main component in the military operations of a Quds Force group known as Unit 840. reportedly, Israel told officials within the U.S.  that the killing of Kodaei was just a direct message to Iran to put an end to any and all covert operations targeting its people.

This breaking news about the deaths of Khodaei and Esmailzadeh takes the spotlight just as  Dr. Ayoob Entezari, a  prominent Iranian aerospace engineer who was known to have worked on the drone program for Iran, was discovered dead of reportedly food poisoning.

The deaths of these three prominent Iranian officials also takes place just after a group of suicide drones carried out an attack on a “highly sensitive military site” located well inside of Iran this week where the country handles its most advanced research and development for military tech.

The location that handles all nuclear, missile, and drone tech just outside of the capital city of Tehran, the Parchin military complex, was reportedly assaulted by a group of suicide drones this past Wednesday. Because of the type of drones used in the attack, many officials within Iran seem to think that the drones were launched quite close to the military site.

Officials in Iran also confirmed the attack to reporters with The New York Times, as did an official from U.S. intelligence. There is currently no group claiming responsibility for the attacks carried out.

“In recent years, Iran has steadily advanced in its design and production of drones and transfer of drone technology and parts to proxy militias across the Middle East,” read a report from the Times. “Iranian drones have been deployed in numerous attacks against Israel, as well as in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, and, last October, a U.S. base in Syria.”

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