Anarchists Take Control In Portland

In this May 29, 2020, photo, Portlanders march with flares from the George Floyd vigil at Peninsula Park towards the Justice Center downtown in Portland, Oregon. Protests have been erupting all over the country after George Floyd died earlier this week in police custody in Minneapolis. (Dave Killen/The Oregonian via AP)

This past Tuesday, after roughly a year since the start of the “anarchist” violence starting its rampage through  Portland, Oregon, The Washington Post stated that the “social justice” movement that has inspired the destructive demonstrations has “splintered” and sparked bickering about methods and means among its members.

As we have reported before, the gun violence and homicide rates in Portland have spiked to record-breaking levels. This has caused the city’s minority residents to start pressing back against the “social justice” movement and instead start blaming the midnight-clad anarchists for forsaking the purpose of the entire Black Lives Matter movement that sparked off due to the death of George Floyd last year.

The Washington Post reported that the movement in and of itself is in complete disarray and tearing itself apart with disagreements over means and methods along with concerns about if the movement itself should prioritize defunding and dismantling the police force due to the fact that violent crime has been steadily rising as a result of their current efforts to defund police and the fact that it is the minority communities around them that are paying the price.

“After months of social-justice activism that made Portland a vivid, sometimes violent focal point for a nation debating the same issues around police accountability and reform, the movement here has splintered into bickering groups, at odds over tactics, goals, and an overall direction for how to make the city safer, with the police force still at the debate’s bitter center,” stated the news source.

After what seems like a year of almost nightly rioting which came to a head this past summer as the self-proclaimed “anarchists” targeted several federal buildings in downtown Portland. The building included a federal courthouse, but as a result of all the fires, it has left Portland’s downtown an almost burned-out shell of its former self.

“The rising gun violence, and for a time the downtown demonstrations, have stressed the police department and put it largely on its back foot, as a response unit rather than a force with resources to prevent crime,” stated the Post. “As one measure, police response time to emergency calls has more than doubled over the past eight years, to more than 40 minutes of wait-time before a call is even fielded by emergency dispatchers.”

This whole situation has had the reverse effect of what these anarchists want. Most of the residents of the area are now in favor of expanding and empowering the police department instead of defunding and contracting it. The almost nightly fires do not seem to make the resident any more inclined to get rid of the authorities.

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